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Lifting the spirit of our children

Posted on November 2, 2018 at 10:50 AM

When I look back at our ministry in Chuisajcaba, I can see that our children have been changed a lot. Also, I can see that the community has been very much changed. When I came to Chuisajcaba for the first time, I felt that the air of the community was lethargic and spiritless. I felt like that something pressed the community heavily down. Probably extreme poverty, which seemed permanent, for there was simply no way for them to see an escape from poverty which made them give up hope. Maybe that was the accumulated experiences throughout their parents’ generations so that they might be adapted to live without any hope. Maybe having hope which seemed unreachable would give them more pain. In those circumstance, it would be justified that parents sent their children to nearby coffee farms to make 3 dollars a day instead of sending them to school. The school attendance rate was below 40 percent, and the middle school entrance rate was less than 5 percent.

However, those rates have been changed dramatically. The attendance rate is now greater than 90 percent and the middle school entrance rate is 80 percent. Not only I see and experience the dramatic change of those rates; but, also I feel the more resilience in the spirit of the community. They seem to have regained hope to get out of poverty. They may not make it in their generation; but, they believe that at least their children will have different lives from their own. I appreciate that your prayers and financial support have made the change in Chuisajcaba. I praise the Lord who began his good works among our children through your support. And I believe he will complete the works that he has begun so that all his children will enjoy His Kingdom. Amen.

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