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2019 Scholarship Students

Healing Guatemala has kicked off 2019 with much hope and anticipation for our mission. With excitement, we are looking forward to see how God is going to execute His great things through us and all of you in 2019. Bringing hope to those living in poverty and darkness is a ministry arm of our scholarship program. In addition to scholarships, we provide Bible, computer and English classes. During my visitations to the students’ houses, I encountered so many young students who have dreams and who are studying vigorously. However, most often I saw a lack of realistic means to support their dreams. Although we are not able to meet all of their needs, we are doing what we can do, while we are waiting for God’s provision in prayers. Last year, we supported 25 of our children with scholarships. This year, we are adding 21 more students in Chuisajcaba, and another 20 students in Olintepeque where our mission center is located. We are not only providing scholarships, but also a Bible class, an afterschool class, an English class, and a computer class. Next year, we are going to add more students!

Josselin, who is so good at math. "I want to be a medical doctor. I want to help the sick!")

During the selection process, I visit the scholarship candidates’ homes. One member of the program is Josselin, who at 11 years old and aspires to be a doctor. She wants to be a doctor so that she can take care of sick people. She has good grades at school and her favorite class is Math. Becoming a doctor will also hopefully lift her up financially so that she can help her family.

Josselin studies in darkness in the evening, for her house does not have electricity. She lives with her mother, step father, and four siblings ) 

I asked Josselin to work at Bethesda when she became a doctor. In Josselin’s big smile, I could see the hope of our Lord, in which He would make it happen. I am so thrilled to see how the Lord is going to achieve His big dreams through the future Dr. Josselin, the future teacher Juanita, and our other scholarship students

Upon meeting Josselin at her home, I simultaneously experienced two divergent emotions. I was happy that Josselin had a dream; but, the reality of studying in the environment of her home weighed heavy on my heart. Her house does not have electricity. It is a small house wrapped by a sheet of plastic with a dirt floor. In this small house, she lives with her mother, step father, and four siblings. During the evenings, she is not able to pursue her studies because they do not have light in the house. My initial question was, “Is it possible for Josselin to study in her home environment?” Even though she has a dream to be a doctor and has been good so far in pursuing her dream in a less than ideally supportive environment, I have a heavy heart about the long term.